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Welcome to KOTT Sp. z o.o company

„KOTT” was established in 1968 and began as a company dealing with fixing motor-car body. In the 70’s, after having gained considerable experience in the field of tin-smithing, it developed its own technology and began production of the first detail part – outer wheel arch for Polish Fiat 126p. The significant success of that move enabled the introduction of other car-body parts into the market, which contributed to the acquirement of experience in the area of press stamping and machining. As a prove and consequence of the distinctive experience, in the 80’s the company signed a contract with FSM for the production of the Fiat 126p parts. In the 90’s a modern manufacturing department was built that contained well-equipped machine park together with CNC machine tools.

Entering the new millennium, KOTT Company invested in the innovative technologies and purchased the first laser. Moreover, it introduced the ISO 9001:2000 quality management system. Adjusting to the requirements of the advanced market and the increasing number of competitors, our company enriched the machine park, equipping it with the modern CNC machines such as lasers, turret punch presses and press bakes.

Today, the company is continuing to grow, primarily targeting the development using the newest technologies of the laser metal machining. The company has achieved a strong market position. At the moment, our clients are such well-known companies as Bosch Rexroth, Electrolux, Amica, Indesit, Samsung, LG, ESAB, OZAS, Zehnder Group.