Obróbka plastyczna metali
Cięcie laserowe

Our services

More than 40 years of experience guarantee professional service and consulting. Our company provides services in the areas of:

  • CNC laser treatment of black sheet metal with thickness up to 20mm, stainless steel thickness up to 15mm and aluminum up to 8mm
  • Bending with CNC press bakes in details with length up to 4m and thickness up to 8mm
  • Plastic treatment of  sheet metal  with thickness up to 4mm, with the use of CNC turret punch press
  • Sheet metal stamping for many industries eg. Car and Home Appliances Industries

We also construct and implement tools for specific detail part and help in activating its production, within our manufacturing capacities.

Low prices, short time of realization and the highest quality of our services are our main assets. We provide service to companies such as Bosch Rexroth, Electrolux, ESAB, OZAS, Zehnder Group.